Magic box reward after every 100 miles

After completing a total of 100miles (over a single or multiple rides), you are rewarded with a ‘magic box’ whereby you are rewarded with something random like in games such as call of duty. in my opinion the prizes should be different from those unlocked as you level up and should have different levels of rarity so only a few people have a certain bike or jersey purely through luck and everyone drools over them like the tron bike. This would be motivation to make each ride slightly longer.

Prizes in mind: COMMON - average socks, block colour jersey, sunglasses  RARE - Helmet, Handlebar tape, shoes, better jersey, average bike (like the allez)  LEGENDARY - Awesome bike, awesome jersey, crazy helmet

This would also be an opportunity for zwift to gain some new partnerships :wink:

comment anything you think would make it better or suggest prizes if you like the idea :slight_smile:



amber sidewall tyres would be cool

Spokey dokeys, a selection of bike horns & bells, maybe the uber-rare FOG HORN that echoes throughout Watopia, but must first be charged with 5 minutes logged over 8w/kg to activate.  I’d also like to see a card on the forks to make the bike sound like it has a motor as kids do, but using this implements a 20w friction deficit.
I used to play TF2 a lot… I mean, A LOT (that is after all, where my username came from, I just thought of Zwift as a game when I first started).  Part of the fun with TF2 was playing for the unlocks and user customization, users often show off what fancy unlocks they have, trade them, it’s just fun and does push you to play more, so it would be cool to see this added to Zwift in some form.  Yes, serious unlocks are cool, and I’m half joking with the above, that certainly is more on the gamify spectrum than realism, but I would seriously roll with the Spokey Dokeys, cards & fog horn if they were available, especially if other users could hear them :).  Oh and make the tricycle available as an unlock, that was hilarious fun (it was available for a short time during a challenge last year), I don’t care if it’s the slowest and heaviest bike, it was ridiculously fun.