Zwift logs show RX Fail on channel 1,2, unknown power data etc, also Kickr Unhandled Event 3

I have been having an issue with my Kickr Snap where I am spinning out of gears on my bike on flats. I have performed Advanced Spindown several times (brake set to 1.3), Zwift Trainer Difficulty at 100% and I am still spinning out on flats and even hills if I push hard enough (The resistance does work, I do feel it changing throughout the ride, it’s just not enough). If I turn up resistance in the Wahoo App on it’s own I can feel the increased resistance for sure and I am far from using all gears.

I started looking through the Zwift logs and I see various errors about RX Fail, Unknown Power Data, Kickr Unhandled Event 3. I have read this is due to Ant+ Dropouts. I have tried everything with my Ant+ USB (Garmin Ant+ USB-M) including extension cable with it right under the Kickr Snap, plugging it directly into my computer and physically moving the computer near the Snap, etc. I have changed my wifi channel to 1,5,11 to try different things. I do not have any other items near by that I can think of that would interfere. Help me!

Any resolution to this?  I have a friend having a similar issue with kickr classic and docooler ANT+ stick.