Zwift Launcher v1.1.3 for Windows [April 2022]


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I got that as well. A saw a message from the browser component indicating that it was waiting for the CDN. The picture loaded after a few seconds.

I’ve just uploaded the Windows launcher and got v 1.1.4 ?

Since the image loaded from the CDN after a few seconds - wondering if there was a momentary delay between your location and the server?
Did the image eventually download, or was it stuck like that?
For both of you - has this persisted since you reported, or might it be a one off?

You are correct. 1.1.4 contains some code specific to Windows 11 so you don’t need to reboot after installation. We made 1.1.4 available literally minutes before you posted.


The image didn’t load, it just stayed like that until I launched the game. Not seen it since, in about half a dozen more goes.

I haven’t seen it since either. I’m using a slow HDD, so it could be that it was busy reading while downloading that image.

Let’s chalk it up as a weird one-off disturbance in the Force, then?


Not for me, I’m on Windows 10 and it asks for the password every time I switch accounts.

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That’s quite normal if you switch accounts.

Not really, it’s only since the January update that they broke this feature. Before that it was remembering the password paired with the emails, now it saves only the email addresses.



I guess the force is strong with you Dave


[quote=“Mattia Albasini �[ITA], post:30, topic:583208, full:true, username:Mattia_Albasini_ITA”]
Not for me, I’m on Windows 10 and it asks for the password every time I switch accounts.

@Mattia_Albasini_ITA and @Erlendur_S_Th
Confirming that the bug you’re asking about has not been fixed in PC launcher v1.1.4. Don’t have an ETA for the fix at this time.
For the others reading along - this affects those switching between different accounts on the same PC.

Still problems I’m afraid. Jumping from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 on Windows 10 gives this error for some users, possibly because of the Win11 fix change between 1.1.3 to 1.1.4? I haven’t had a problem going to 1.1.4 on a Win10 system already on 1.1.3. This example was installed via downloading from the website, not winget command. The game was functioning normally on 1.1.1 prior to this, as I understand it.

When I logged in today the update auto loaded without me opening the app.
Got the “do you want to let this app make changes to your device” windows pop up straight from logging in to windows

Yeah I came here to see if that was by design; mine did the same…… :man_shrugging:t2:

I scrolled through your recent session logs on the server. To clarify - you updated to the PC launcher v 1.1.3 on April 18, and have been using 1.1.3 since. The update you’re describing from two days ago (April 23) is the game app being updated, not the launcher app.

If you want to use 1.1.4 - please download it from and manually install that package.

Looks like that might be an issue with the .NET framework runtime.
You can try modify > repair the framework from Windows program manager

Or you can install the latest .NET framework from Microsoft

I take it this is on someone else’s machine? We’re curious to hear back either way if those suggestions work, thanks.

Yeah sorry, it wasn’t mine. I think the person in question has nuked Windows due to other issues now so it may be that they just had some corrupt dll files etc. Just thought I’d mention it in case it was the precursor to a bunch of support requests, but as far as I’m aware nobody else has seen it so hopefully a one off. It was the error message mentioning the dll not being designed to run on Windows that made me wonder if it was a Win10/11 thing. Anyway thanks for the info. :+1:

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