Zwift Launcher v1.1.3 for Windows [April 2022]

Appreciate you as always Dave.

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Righto. :rofl: :wink:

yes, sorry I hadn’t realised this thread was about the laucher update! my bad.

but the game update usually waits for me to launch the game then says zwift needs to apply an update and then I get the windows pop up. this time the windows pop up was there as soon as i logged into windows without me having to launch the game.

Update April 21: should say “April 22”.

It’s April 21, as in the US date format for Thursday, 21st April, which is when launcher v1.1.4 was released. Not referring to the year.

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Not sure what’s changed but my setup frequently seems to fail to load the launcher these days. I have the shortcut in shell:startup and the window comes up then disappears. The launcher log file shows nothing after a second instance of the line ‘Starting WebView2 Initialization’, as though it’s trying to do something twice and crashing trying to do so.

It looks like the launcher opens the main window, then believes it can’t, so closes.

Hmm, seems to work properly (as I want) with Auto Startup enabled. I always used to disable that because it would occasionally load two instances of the game in the system tray.


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You should contact @Dave_ZPCMR about that. He’s a dab hand at stuff like this. :wink:


This doesn’t work consistently any more. The launcher appears then crashes.


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I haven’t been having this issue at all, must be a local issue with your setup :wink:

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Works just fine if you use the shortcut. I can’t be arsed.

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Welcome to public beta testing my friend.