Zwift kit store

Has Zwift considered extending the the garage to allow users to see everything that’s ever been made available in the game and use drops or real money to purchase them? If you look at popular online games today such as roblox, call of duty and fortnite thir storefronts are incredibly popular (and profitable) for allowing players to personalize their in-game personas.

I think Zwift is pretty similar when it comes to the gear. While we may have a particular bike that we tend to ride and prefer, we’ll switch up our jerseys based on our moods or type of ride. I think I’ve seen a few dozen jerseys now over the last year that I wish I could wear on occasion.

Roblox makes it simple, you buy their virtual currency robux and then make your purchases in game. This is similar to the Zwift drops.

Fortnite has their seasonal level progression rewards and additional rewards from their battle pass. Everything that players get is purely cosmetic. Their in-game store sells additional skins that come & go. Sometimes they bring back past skins that were around for a limited time and those can sell like crazy.

For those that don’t care about the cosmetics, these changes wouldn’t mean much. For the rest whether it’s frequently or occasionally there may be cosmetics beyond what we earn at new levels that we’d want to buy.

Perhaps with the increase revenue from a Zwift store they’d be able to get to profitability and then fix some of the frequent quality of life improvements people have been asking for, such as garage item management (hide things you never want to use, create sets for fast changes) and functioning Apple Watch HR support.

Please no microtransactions in Zwift. There are plenty of that elsewhere allready…


While I have no interest in spending my hard earned real money on Zwift jerseys, I would love to be able to use my large number of drops to purchase kits that you can’t unlock now.
The yellow and pink 2XU kit is one I particularly regret not getting when I had the chance.

I’m not a fan of micro transactions either but with a lot of successful games that do have them (like roblox, fortnite, call of duty, apex legends) the popularity of their stores allows the game to be free. What if a zwift store that allows you to buy jerseys with drops or $ allowed them to lower or remove the monthly/annual cost?

For people that aren’t interested in micro transactions, they have it for free while others are paying for the latest releases in their store.