Zwift update ideas

The zwift drop shop has been out for months now and it is still only bikes and wheels. I feel like it is time that the drop shop is expanded to include items like helmets, socks and jerseys. I understand that things like Pro Cycling team jerseys would be difficult to get licensing for and that they are meant to be restricted to pros only however it would be good marketing for the teams if they were placed in the drop shop (say for 1 million drops) and would keep people on the app grinding to get their favorite jersey. Things like helmets could be easily implemented if they can get licensing and would be good advertising for helmet brands. Glasses, Gloves and shoes could also be implemented into the drop shop.

I feel that there should also be weekly goals with rewards like ride a certain amount of miles, ride a certain section or give a certain number of ride on’s. The number of miles needed to be ridden should depend on the users skill level. This would keep people motivated to use the app and will keep people on the app as they want to achieve the goal and get a reward e.g. a certain number of drops or a jersey.

Finally, I do not think here should be no limit for the number of levels people can earn. I do not think it should be capped at 50. If someone has ridden enough miles to hit level 500 then they should be able to get that. This will keep all those people who have hit level 50 motivated and on the app and there will be competition between people to get the highest level. There should also be rewards other than drops for hitting certain milestones. e.g hitting level 50 should be rewarded with a special bike or wheels.

Good luck sailor.

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