Zwift keep loading and cannot start on MacBookAir

I have been using Zwift for quite some time with my MacBook Air, pair with bluetooth.

For the last 2 days, I can’t log in to the Zwift. It stop here and keep loading (picture attached). I uninstall the apps and install again and it is still the same. End up I ride with my apple tv. Can anyone please help. Thank you.

Is OS X updated?
Why are there two Zwift in the dock? Did you launch it twice?

Uninstall Zwift completely:

  1. Go to Applications and drag/send Zwift to the trash.
  2. Go to Documents and drag/send the Zwift folder to the trash.
  3. Go to ~/Library/Preferences and drag/send com.zwift.ZwiftLauncher.plist to the trash.
  4. Empty the trash.

For #2 and #3 above, if you’re worried about deleting stuff, you can also rename instead of deleting (i.e., rename the Zwift folder, rename the .plist file)

Reinstall a fresh copy of Zwift.

Ya , mac os Catalina 10.15.3

thank you so much. let me try again and see how’s it going.

Thanks again.

Alright, yesterday was fine. And I shall try again today.

Thank you for your help.