New to Zwift, won't launch app beyond the Let's Ride Screen MacBook Air

Downloaded Zwift to 2017 MacBook Air, logged in fine on Day 1, since then the loading screen opens with my details, I select the Lets Ride button and then I get 3 scrolling promotional pages which have weblinks (which all work) but don’t get any access to Zwift app itself. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but same happens. I’ve tried it on iPad and works fine. Anyone else experienced this or suggestions of how I get resolve it? Thanks

Is your computer on WiFi when you start Zwift? I believe it will try to auto-update when starting. If there is no internet connection, it might do as you are describing.

With Zwift shutdown, you could also try deleting the com.zwift.ZwiftLauncher.plist file located here via the Finder:

After deleting the file, empty the trash. Then start Zwift. Zwift will recreate it upon launch. Not much in mine other than the auto-update setting.

Lastly, you can try deleting the prefs.xml file located in your Zwift folder which is likely in your Documents folder. Again, empty trash and restart.

If you’re uncomfortable deleting files, then rename them instead.

I’m having this same problem- beach ball starts spinning on loading world or if I am doing an event starts spinning and won’t go to event. I have force quit and reload . Any ideas why this is happening and the fix?

Make sure your OS X is updated as well.

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One more thing make sure to enter the event pen about 6 minutes before the event to avoid the rush.

Hi. I am struggling with same issue. Swift will not launch beyond Let`s Ride screen. When I hit button, the window disappear, and nothing more happens. I am using my daughters MacAir with OS X ver 10.11.6. I have deleted Swift and installed again, but no success. I am not able to find the com.zwift.zwiftLauncher.plist file on this Mac, any tips where to find it?

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