Zwift iOS & Apple Health

I was really pleased to see that Zwift now logs activity to Apple Health when using Zwift iOS.  However, there appears to be a bug, at least in my setup.

If I compare my rides in Mobile Link with the data logged into Apple Health, then it appears that Zwift is recording the Active calories / 1000.  E.g. this morning’s ride was supposed to be 420Kcal, but Zwift has logged to Apple Health as 0.42Kcal

Thanks for the head’s up! Our team is aware and we will be fixing this as soon as possible.

Thanks Eric, good to know.  

A couple of suggestions for improvements.  It would be cool if Zwift logged a ride as a ‘Workout’ in Apple Health and also logged heart rate throughout the ride rather than just a single snapshot of average heart rate at the end of the ride.

Ride on!


Are there any plans to have the Zwift Mobile Link app bring in workouts done on desktop into Apple Health app?  and I agree with the above too to bring in heart rate throughout the entire ride.

Thanks for an amazing platform!

I got this to work by following these instructions to a t: