Zwift Hub One

Hi all
Recently I bought a Zwift Hub One with the Zwift COG, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work well with my Sram Apex 1x11 (11-36).
There’s a weird noise of back shifter, looks like the roller (between the cassette and the lowest one) rubs against the chain. So I’d like to try to swap this COG with a new SRAM cassette (SRAM pg-1170), but I didn’t find any freehub in the box.
Should I disassemble the COG to get it or what?

@Shane_Miller_GPLama says the freehub body that the Cog is mounted on is a normal Hyperglide compatible freehub, so any HG compatible cassette should work on it.

Thanks a lot!

Is it just an illusion, or is the tooth profile a bit odd on the Cog unit vs a standard Shimano cassette? More than a few discussions about noise with the cog, so just wondering.

The ramps and shaped teeth on a multi-gear cassette exist to support smoother shifting. It’s normal for those to be missing on a single speed cog where you never want the chain to exit the cog. But there may be other issues with the cog design that result in the noise. It might be worth trying one of the well-known Hyperglide single speed cogs on it to see if it’s any better.

(EDIT: note this example is not intended for 11 speed chains)

@Shane_Miller_GPLama discusses the difference in that video above between a standard cog and the one used in the zwift cog

Ha… I didn’t watch far enough into the video. Interesting.
So the zwift cog width is about equal to a 9 speed sprocket. However, a 9 speed chain is about 6.5-7mm wide, and a 12 speed chain would be about 5.3mm (this is a big differential, isn’t it?).

The tooth height is also very different at least visually. All in, I can’t figure out how you could make a 1-size-fits-all solution.

From the gplama video, looks like more than ramps being different.
FYI, 14t cogs are quite hard to find individually - at least online.
One source of individual cogs was Bikeinn, but still a 3rd party brand (Miche)

I’ve got a SRAM rival 1x with 11-36 (when on the wheel), and have a little click coming too. Derailleur is aligned perfectly with the cog, I don’t see any rubbing.

I’m not sure but it seems to be coming from the free hub, but these acoustic problems are hard to diagnose. The click is not once per link, it is higher frequency than that.

Idk, but in my case this noise definitely comes because of the bad alignment of the swifter with the COG.
For example, my friend has Shimano Tiagra 2x10 and there is no noise for him :confused:

At least for me it didn’t worked unfortunately. The Shimano 14t ring was even louder on my zwift cog. But I got used to the noise of the ring that comes with the cog (or that comes from the design, whatever). And it’s still much quieter than before overall because I can be on the small ring at the front and don’t need to shift. So I‘m fine with some slight noise.

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