Zwift Cog with SRAM Chain [March 23, 2024]

So i have purchased a Zwift cog and after reviewing GP Lamas video (yes after i purchased) apparently the SRAM Flat top chain isnt 100% efficient with the supplied 14th Cog. Now dont get me wrong, this chain is supposed to fit as may set ups as possible, but surely we should be able to purchase a specific cog for it. i would happily spend the money on a sram specific replacement cog that makes it more compatible or more efficient… Thoughts?

You may want to just try one of these to see if it solves your issue (fix the break in the link):

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EDIT: Nevermind. I was thinking the issue was to do with the height of the track cog teeth that the HubOne uses, vs a normal 14t cog. So the linked product probably won’t help.

A bunch of people say that they find the AXS chain to work on a non-AXS cassette. I think that isn’t optimal, the chain’s rollers are slightly too big and they might cause additional wear. But you could run the cog with your chain, that’s one option.

Option two is get a cheap 11s chain just for the trainer. not a counterfeit chain from Amazon or AliExpress. But any chain from a reputable maker, like Shimano or KMC.

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But would that chain work with his crankset?

It’s better for the roller to be too small than too large. Best solution would be a SRAM cassette on the trainer. The Cog is marketed as a universal solution but there’s no such thing because bikes are more complicated than that.

Yes, but I think he has the One with a single sprocket. I struck out trying to find a single SRAM 14t cog for a flattop chain… which I basically think is all he’s wishing could be available.

Yes I’m suggesting to replace the Cog with a multi-gear cassette, which in his case presumably means replacing the freehub as well. If there’s only one bike going on the trainer then that’s certainly the best solution, and it also solves for the problem of virtual shifting failures which are pretty common. Maybe worth trying with a Shimano chain since they’re not very costly.

Hi, To share my experience, I put a 12v SRAM Eagle NX cassette on Zwift freehub (NX is the only that fit on a HG Shimano freewheel) but must said I 'm not completely satisfied with the result. Using the cog was noisy with sram eagle chain, and I wasn’t able to adjust my rear derailleur (SRAM eagle XX01 12v) properly… With cassette, using smallest ring still noisy, and derailler still hard to adjust. Fact is space between 11ring and frame is bigger than the one with the rear wheel. I didn’t put the 1.8mm spacer. Clearly i’m a bit disappointed by the trainer, including the fact it’s quite impossible to find a compatible sram XD freewheel.

Sounds like you need a spacer, but 1.8mm may not be the answer. Smaller spacers are available. Using a too-thick spacer may result in not enough lockring threads engaged for secure mounting of the cassette or not enough engagement between the small cog and the freehub body splines.

Yeah, that was one of my conclusions but i found a bit strange to have to search by ourself for such configurations…I tried to use the 1.8mm spacer, but in this case, last ring is not enough engaged on freewheel.
A cassette, a freewheel…ok many standards now exist but SRAM NX is designed to fit on Shimano freewheel…Furthermore, if you read zwift notice, they explain spacer shouldn’t be necessary in this case. Well, seems it not true…
Considering cog system, i asked myself if they tried a system with 2 spring in order to let a little bit of freedom in freewheel axis.