Zwift hub one + Saris H3

Hi,I want to buy Zwift hub one, and rebuild my old Bianchi to fit with it. But does Zwift hub one works with a " Saris H3" trainer?
I’m using a apple laptop to run Zwift.

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Short: No.

The Zwift Hub One is to be used with virtual shifting. Virtual shifting depends on support by the trainer - currently only the Zwift Hub, Wahoo Kickr Core, Kickr v6 and Kickr Move are compatible smart trainers.

Saris haven’t provided an update to support it, however you can use a 3rd party app ( to pair the trainer and get virtual shifting. The latest version supports the Click and Play controllers for shifting, or you can shift on your phone. Talk to @Roberto_Viola if you want to know more about it. You could test it before you buy the Cog + Click package from Zwift.

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Hi, QZ developer here. Let me know if you need help!

I thought so Magnus, thanks

Interesting Paul. I’ll talk to Saris for options and also look into the app you talked about.

I will, thanks