Zwift hub one gears not working

My Zwift Hub One no longer recognizes my gears when I have been driving for a while. my wattages and my rpm s are no longer correct. Down and opshifting remains the same, the gears no longer changes! What can I do about it?

Welcome to your very first time on Forums @David_Van_loo This is Juan a Zwift colleague. I’m sorry to hear that your Zwift Hub One has not working as expected. I took a look at your account and noticed that you are running Zwift in an old version. We released a new game version on Feb 13 for Windows. Therefore I’d like to suggest you update it by clicking here.

Then, you can perform an auto-calibration by following the tips listed in this article. I see that you have already opened a ticket with the guys support, so feel free to share with them your results.