Zwift Hub on rocker plate

Having some issues to place my Hub one a rocker plate.

  • I tend to tilt either the one or the other side … obviously the middle point is not the center point in mass - any suggestions to set it up/ fix it?
  • front wheel is “rubbering” on the wooden rocker plate. Any idea to fix… my previous trainer (elite suito) had plastic fixation for the front wheel

Regards, René

Once you’re sitting on the bike the difference in L/R weight distribution must be minimal. Sounds like the “suspension” needs beefed up a bit. If it’s air balls, try more air pressure.

Center the trainer and bike, offset the flywheel with counterweight on the opposite side, like sand weights or similar. Inflate balls to pressure and ride,… Don’t us air pressure to counter the lean from the flywheel side.

It’s normal for a trainer to be unbalanced from left to right, usually due to the weight of the flywheel. As Jason said, you need to use an appropriate counterweight for this, and not to use air pressure in the balls/bladders to adjust that big imbalance. Centre the bike on the rocker and not the trainer.