Zwift hub maintenance

Coming up on one year and 3800 miles on my Hub. No problems at all but with cold weather slowly approaching I will soon be back sing the trainer exclusively.
That being said I’m wondering if there is anything preventable maintenance wise I should be doing to the Hub to keep it working well during the rather long winter here in New England USA?

Don’t know where you are training - indoors, outdoors, garage etc but my advice is get a dehumidifier.
Cold air, warm electrics and humidity don’t mix.

Temperature and humidity controlled finished basement.
Neither conditions apply.
In any case my question was aimed at an annual preventative maintenance program.
Thank you for the non answer.

Completely out of order there.

Ian offered a genuine answer and you’ve offered a derogatory response.
Please refrain from such responses or don’t bother posting.


Other than keeping your chain clean you won’t need to do anything.
you might want to wipe it down from time to time, you might want to take the free hub off and grease it from time to time, you might want to take the cassette off, clean it and put it back on from time to time.
none of those are really needed unless you hear new noises and want to try and stop them.

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Sometimes ten months just isn’t long enough. :grin:

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Keep 'em coming!

I’m not familiar with the Hub, but in general I like to clean the ventilation “path” of my trainers.
They tend to suck in a lot of ( sweaty ? ) dust, and those 400 watts you’re producing has to be transformed into heat, requiring some cooling.

I’ll usually vacuum clean, then blow with an air-compressor and then vacuum clean again.


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less of an issue for me!

Thanks for a great reply. Sorry to admit that in a 150 watt guy.

That’s pretty good if you’re 30Kg :grin:
Nah, it’s all about having fun :blush: