Zwift Hub died during ride

I was riding this morning like usual and 45 minutes in my Hub just died. No LED lights, nothing. Everything disconnected from the app and the hub was dead. I left it Off all day and plugged it back in when I got home. It just blinked green for a few minutes and that slowly faded into nothing. Does anyone have any idea what happened? I tried everything that was suggested to restart but it’s just dead. I just got it last month and have ridden it a dozen or so times with no problem.

Might be the flux capacitor. You weren’t trying to generate 1.21 gigawatts by accelerating to 88 mph were you?

Sounds like you have a dud. These days electronics pack so many things onto the PCBA’s that can fail it’s not cost effective to fix. I recommend contacting customer support. It might be the power supply if the LED fades. Or it could be one of the hundreds of components on one of the boards.

This would be my guess too, just based on general electronics experience.


Did you solve your problem? I have a similar case right now.
Thank you

My device is did the exact same thing. Power supply voltage seems to be okay. Maybe a current thing but I’m waiting for a power supply from the company from over a week now. Very frustrating

They sent a new power cord which actually ended up making the green light stay on and not diminish, but it didn’t fix the issue. Zwift did end up sending me a replacement and I sent back the defective model. Hopefully it was just a dud?


Thank you for your message.
I started the steps with the after-sales service hoping that it would be quick …
and that all the zwift hubs were not defective after a few months :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear: