Zwift hub connection issues

Hi, I use zwift and ROUVY for indoor training. Connection used to be no problem but lately the connection to ROUVY is not working. It’s very intermittent with connection bouncing on and off all the time. Connection to zwift is still no problem.
Any ideas?

I’d possibly suggest asking an a Rouvy forum?

Not easy to diagnose a problem on a rival product.

Thanks for the reply Stuart.

I thought I said, but obviously I didn’t, that I’m using a zwift hub.

So, yes, it’s a rival app but it’s a zwift product……

You can rule out any incompatibility issue as the hub isn’t locked to Zwift only.

if it worked previously but not now, it’s possible that rouvy has done an update that might have caused this to happen, the trainer wont stop connecting unless there is an issue with it, I take you have tried it with zwift it self to see if its a software or hardware issue?

Hi Rich
Yes it works fine with zwift and I’ve checked that all updates and the hub firmware is up to date.

Just done a ROUVY ride and it was still bugging out but not as much or for as long except on the long downhill bits where it wasn’t connected at all……

Maybe an update bug, so hopefully the next update could correct it

Sounds like rouvy issues then, might be worth contacting them