Please fix constant connection error bug!

Not particularly happy user (customer) here. Last couple of days is impossible to train, get connection error with Zwift hub. Connection error about once or twice per minute.

After several months everything seemed to be working including the play buttons, nightmare incl. “support”. But I guess only for a very short time. All apps and systems are fully patched.


Hi Anders, welcome to the forums.

Sounds like you are getting some signal interference perhaps. How do you connect the trainer to your device, bluetooth or ANT+? Also, what device are you using to run Zwift?

Lots of things can interfere with the signal from the trainer, for example if I change the speed on my fan that hangs above my monitor and happens to be right next to my PC that runs Zwift it kills the bluetooth connection.

I also use a USB extension cord with a bluetooth dongle so it sits right under my trainer. As long as I don’t change my fan speed during a ride, the connection is very solid.