Connection issues with new hub

I received a zwift hub classic in September for my birthday and the first time using it no problems at all. However, on my 2nd session I had to do a firmware update and since then ive had issues with bluetooth connection with the resistance sensor. It would connect then after 2mins 20secs itvwould disconnect. Tried restarting phone, hub etc 3x times same issues so after 1hr gave up. On 3rd time same issues but would have zwift saying connected but no signal! Zwift companion would then say it was connected even if zwift said it wasn’t but only 2 bars despite phone right beside the hub! Shouldn’t be having this hassle tbh so probably return it unless someone has a solution.

how to get back, i have the same trouble, my LED flashing blue purple after update.
and all funtion instabil.
but i found no adress to send back the unit