Zwift Hill Climbing race August 6 9:30 am est Pacer bots

Hi. Same topic of zwift hill race but different problem.
It had no effect on me but there were four bots at start (a,b,c,d)
When the race started, they all took off at 13 w/kg at 1000 watts from start to finish.
They did the Innsbruck climb in under ten minutes.
I am not complaining or expecting some resolution.
I just wanted to point out that something bizarre occurred.
Sorry I didn’t take a screenshot.

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This one I guess… too bad the bots don’t show up on ZwiftPower so they could get a ZRVG DQ :grinning:

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This is meant to happen - they even say “don’t chase me because I’m going to be going really fast”

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Ooh. What’s the purpose of these?

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They are in the pen to read out the rules of the race because it’s a little quirky - the only important thing is how quickly you ascend the KOM in the event - you are meant to coast / warm up before.

When that was just detailed in the event description, lots of people raced the whole distance of the event, so I added the Robo Pacers as well as a voice recording which is played in the pen. Now almost everyone follows the idea of the race.

They go really fast as they can only be in one place at the same time and I wanted to ensure that they completed the event before the next one starts.


Yes, it is amazing how hard they shoot out of the pens. Kind of fun to watch. For about 4 seconds…

It would be nice if they didn’t keep repeating the written message every 30 seconds because it reduces the chatter in the pen especially since the message is about 200 words and fills the block.

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Maybe if I warm up enough, I could stick with the bots a little longer.

Mark, they could put the wording without the bots.
Or make the bots a reasonable pace.
This just looks like a totally amateur production.


The bots solution seems to be working okay-ish and is probably the best option with what’s available in Zwift right now on short notice. Agree with James that the number of people that understand the hill climb “race rules” has increased steeply. But I think with some upgrades to the starting pens it could look a lot cleaner and more professional. A race rules ‘bulletin board’ of some sort could help. Or even getting them delivered as an event group leader text would appear. i made youtube video about it. note the end is really funny.

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Didn’t see much churning with the 3 bot group. How come?

there is no draft in itt race. So sad it was not real race. Bot vs Bot.

I just use the tools that I have available and the feedback has been good other than yours.

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James, you did fine on this other than the repeating dialogue. More than one person commented on the continual chat from the bots. And it was amazing to see them blast outta there. Reminded me of a group ride I did that had one M. Cavendish in it. I think I saw something like 20w/kg on his ticker…

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I knew that the repeating text was going to be annoying. The option was to only have one robot, and then not everyone may have seen the message, and if they were repeating some people may join late and miss it.

I know it’s not perfect, but it’s the best I have available.