Zwift Hard Crash to Desktop (No error) - Win10 after 3/18/2021

This is great. Have killed the task 2 times and restarted the computer just lags when it is loading the map. Wow

Sounds like the same problem I’ve run into since Thu/Weds? Crash straight to desktop, zwiftalizer looks perfectly clean, Windows error log indicates ntdll.dll (which is basically the haystack in the old analogy), there’s no network issue I can detect elsewhere either.

Not instantly related to a chat message that I wrote or can see, at least.

Win10, up to date, i9 + RTX2080, gigabit lan, gigabit fiber. (Has occurred both on the current and previous nvidia driver, clean install.)

Hmmm, wait wait. I have not been on the chat in every instance, but I have been moving the 0 camera (by pressing keys) at least on two occasions. Lemme see if I can confirm.

I don’t know how to say this but you kiiinda suck Zwift when bugs aren’t your priority which I guess it is not. I wish there was an alternative to your program. If new feature or something have made it impossible for us with worse specs or if it just is a bad bug…

Edit: This is how I made it work… I uninstalled and installed but this wasn’t enough. Then I choose “just watch” and it made it work then I exited and it worke as usual FOR NOW.

I stand by my words, please don’t make anything better now, it is all good as it is. It’s perfect now! :smiley:

I’ll just add my voice/vote to help get this bug flagged. As @Dave_ZPCMR mentioned, I definitely think this is one that, if it’s not already being worked on, needs addressing as a priority @shooj!

I’m aware of at least 2 instances over the weekend that have resulted in our ride leaders having system crashes … both linked to messaging at the time of the crash and both have systems that are normally extremely capable/stable.

A bug that directly impacts the social element of Zwift and causes riders/ride leaders to have concern of an unstable platform is in need of a priority fix and should be accompanied with regular (I.e. Daily) updates in my eyes.

Thanks :+1:t3:


I wonder if the keyboard related bug - everyone is using wireless keyboards (odds are, yes, but some may be using laptops). Could help isolate that one possibly.

I do know one crash happened the moment I sent a message on companion, as well, but that may have been a character limit bug or i could’ve been switching to the keyboard just as it happened, too. Fuzzy memory there.

Can’t confirm this directly (after reinstalling everything once again). Tried moving the camera in and out of event, and while the chat popup was open, no crash.

same issue here on Sunday morning 10u00 CET in Team Valhalla ride. Was typing as usual and mid sentence Zwift crash to desktop. After I found out about this bug I no longer type messages during group rides. During yesterdays Pack social ride it was obvious Zwifts social element is much lower as messaging is only a fraction of wat it used to be.
Please adres this bug as it is directly affecting Zwifts social element as @Jon_Wakefield pointed out.


I’m hoping a fix is coming pretty quickly on this one! @Libby_Behrens has mentioned here that it is being worked on so fingers crossed!

Worrying that typing a message is going to crash your ride is something that none of us want!

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Apparently an update has been applied that fixes the chat bug crash. I have just tried to recreate it after the update and it seems to have worked :+1:


Perfect! Good news @Hybrid_Noob

Just seen the updated bug fix notes on the main game update thread! - [Version 1.11.1 Update - 3-23-2021]

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Great stuff :+1: …just note Eric’s note here Zwift Update Version 1.11.0 (65416) Released - Zwift Insider

  • "Fixed a crash when Zwifters would send a very long chat message in game.
    Word is there are still problems with ride leaders using AutoHotKey to send messages – if the keystroke rate is too fast, it crashes the Zwift game."

The keyboard bug may have been fixed, but I am still getting frequent crashes straight to desktop. This time it was right under a banner and there was confetti — it could be there’s something in the graphics layer that gets triggered, or it could be something about the banner events, or it could’ve been random because it’s not a banner every time.

Nothing in Zwiftalizer. ntdll.dll as location in Windows logging.

Win10, i9, 32 GB, RTX 2080 w/ latest, gigabit wired.

It could still be the chat bug (as its not fixed), sometimes the crash is delayed after sending a message. ntdll is the error it gives as well.

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Ah, good to know it might still be there. I’m not sure I was even hit by the chat bug, it might’ve been this all along — ntdll.dll is unfortunately just a collection of all of the native function calls, so very different bugs could end up surfacing that as the entry point.

Suitably jinxed, crashed typing a chat message yesterday. So this is fun!

Thanks for posting … I think I’ve had Zwift crash twice mid-ride in the past five years until last Saturday, when it crashed during our Saturday Social Ride when I was leading it … and then it happened again today. Both times I was typing and yes, knowing me, I probably was near the limit of how many characters you can type.

I am too worried about having it crash a third time while I’m leading to use my PC again, so I’ll use my Mac next week, but THIS BUG IS REALLY BAD FOR GROUP RIDES – it makes your volunteer leaders extremely sad. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

OP Here, haven’t been keeping up but definitely not fixed after last patch. Here’s my theory:

  • It happens when you go beyond the character limit BY BACKSPACING / fixing typos.

Usually I’m typing, while hunched over, and typos galore so I’ll backspace/fix words, etc. I think what may be happening is some sort of hard ‘character cap’ and the type/delete/retype is hitting some overflow in the character limit behavior. The times this has happened I’ve definitely done that a lot. I’ll have to test it out when I’m not in a group ride or race, but if anyone else wants to give it a go, just tap “M” and start typing/erasing/typing/erasing while riding and see what happens.


I came to the same conclusion as I can crash zwift quickly with text scripts using BS to delete and cycle messages with the text box open.

This is a re-type from another thread.

Very frustrating to see that this is still an issue.
As a ride leader, its critical not to get booted from an event, due to being social.
I host the DBR Endurance ride every Thursday and Zwift has crashed on me in almost all of them in the past couple of months. Some I have been “lucky” that I’ve been booted early enough to get back as late join.
Yesterday it happened at 29 mins into the ride. I dont hold back. I send quite a few messages. I have started to keep them short (or shorter), but little does it help.
Zwift wants every ride to have a ride leader. But its really frustrating when you, as a ride leader, get booted for doing your job.
It seems to be OK, when I only use the Companion App for chatting. But I think that may be because I really keep the messages short. Really dislike chatting on the ipad.
I do plenty of other events without issue. But on those I dont blabber away continously.
Please Zwift, get some focus on these devastating bugs.