Zwift Hacks

Is Zwift Hacks still updating?
I’ve been watching for a Zwift map update to include the new Coastal route but it appears Jesper hasn’t had an update since May.
In fact, I did not see a lot of recent posts.

I have an update of the routes list ready for deployment but you’re right that there hasn’t been any update posts for a long time.
I’m thinking about discontinuing some of the tools, ZwiftMap being one of them because I don’t use it myself anymore so the motivation to maintain it just isn’t there.
ZwiftHacks doesn’t disappear but some of the older tools will probably be archived.
There’s a new project underway so hopefully there will be something you find interesting soon :grinning:


Good to hear from you.
I tend to use Zwift map when ever there is a new expansion.
I also tell new Zwifters to use it to learn the roads.

I was going to ask you if you could add the option to block the Ride On thumbs to Zwift Prefs.

I think your hacks are some of the most useful ones.
Thank you.

Please keep Events I use it all the time to find group rides at times that work for me. It is so much easier to use than Zwift’s website or Companion app.


^^Same! Please :smiling_face:

I like zwiftmap but please take care of your motivation to do free work

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