Zwift Games 2024, small list of accepted trainers for Elite Championships

Really curious to know why elite participants are banned from Saris Hammer series trainers, or even Zwift’s own smart trainer.

This list of accepted trainers is very small. Anyone else have thoughts or clarifications on this?

it has to do with the trainer accuracy, Saris H3’s are +/- 2%, similar to my Kickr V4 (also not on the list) and Zwift’s Hub is I think +/- 2.5%

The allowed trainers are all +/- 1% accurate

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Interesting, I suppose it makes sense prima facie though on the Zwift Insider article it says Saris Hammer 4 is +/-1%. Tough luck for Saris NoPinz team. I assume they’re using Saris trainers.

I think I’m blocked from linking the article here, but should be easy enough to confirm.

that is their “claimed” accuracy, Shane Miller found it not to be true (not sure if that has ever been fixed by Saris or addressed in a firmware update?).

The Saris H4 never really happened anyway, at least at the consumer level. They’ve eliminated it from the line and now the H3 Plus is their top trainer which is +/-2%.

I have an H3 (I guess minus?), and I’d be willing to promise to work 2% less hard. Or 2% harder.

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Ah okay I didn’t realize H4 was eliminated from the line. Too bad :sweat_smile:

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At least it comes in black? :smirk:

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If you can mount your CAAD11 on your H4 and track your workouts on your Fenix4, you’re all set.

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Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Very important to note that the rules you’re looking at apply only for those who want to compete in the Zwift Games Elite Championships.

We will also hold Community races which will have looser hardware restrictions - same as ZRacing series.

Thanks, for the response and noted! There’s no sprint race for the Community races right? Seems like elite only with a qualifier, if I’m reading correctly.