Zwift Games Champs erg limitations

Kia ora everyone,

Just was about to sign-up my wife who is extremely fit for the Zwift Games, but unfortunately, it appears they are making it extra hard for no reason.

A Kickr Core is apparently “not good enough” to be allowed to race on it. Is this a joke? Why?

A 1000+ $ machine not allowed? Only 1 % less accurate (apparently) than a V6, but we are not allowed to race on it? We need dual power anyway, so it creates an even bigger entry barrier to this racing. Now you need 2000+$ WITHOUT a bike itself to even considering racing those events?

Seriously, what is this? Some sort of sorting mechanism by the rich?

Terrible terrible decision without any logic - UNLESS they know that these ergometers, as I assume, are much worse than advertised (i.e. NOT 2% accurate).

Very disappointed.

It’s an elite event with US$10000 in prize money. They got burned by cheating in the recent past. They even excluded their own trainer products from participation, which can’t have been an easy decision. You’re 100% right about it being a game for the rich, but I’m unsurprised by the requirements. I wonder if you or she knows anyone who would be willing to temporarily swap trainers for the purpose of supporting her entering the event. Maybe someone in a local club?


Not really unusual that elite level competition in a sport requires some sort of verified or homologated equipment, in this case it’s trainers.

As for Zwift, most elite level competitors will have suitable equipment already as this criteria has been in place for top level events for some time now.

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Kickr Core’s are only $599 now

The OP said “kia ora”, so I assume they’re from NZ and are talking NZ$ (Kickr Core will be > NZ$1000).


Understand the rules and wanting to fair racing which is needed. but it makes for hard those able to put out power but do not have the money for the 1% machine and extra power meter or local supplies in stock in easy to get now. So excluding a group of people that can make the racing better. That are there normally in all other races.

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There are a lot of other things they could focus on and put effort into that would improve racing for the 99%+ of riders who will never enter these elite events or even watch them. The elite events are shiny objects that distract the company from improving racing in ways that would benefit the vast majority of their customers. If this event series didn’t exist, most people would not care, and there wouldn’t even be a discussion about 1% trainer accuracy. It’s like they’re not asking the question “what if we don’t spend time and money this?”

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