Zwift Game Release: October 28, 2016

(Vincent W.) #1

Hi Zwifters, while we’re continuing to prepare our iPhone/iPad version of Zwift for release we’ve got our November update ready to go.

Today’s update is about 50MB and includes:

  • Reduction of network requests to help load ‘Riders Nearby’ faster, especially during times when lots of group ride events are scheduled.
  • Zwift Academy Semi-Finals 2nd month of workouts added
  • Slight improvements to reduce jerkiness of riders in a pack
  • Added ability to disable powerups on select group rides/events
  • Reduced sizes of many data files to make future updates smaller/faster
  • Halloween mode reduced from 3 days to 1 day (Oct 31)
  • November course schedule added

Edit: This update also includes the following changes.

  • The prompt to join an event now appears at 15 minutes before an event starts instead of 30.

We are also actively investigating an issue some are having with Wahoo Kickrs over bluetooth on macOS (OSX) as well as iOS and hope to have a fix shortly for that on both platforms. We also have a fix in the works for the game freezes some users see and are hoping to release that in the next update.

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to suggestions or feedback about changes, and a good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift

(Vincent W.) #2