Zwift Game Release: December 30, 2015

Hi Zwifters - we’ve been hinting that something big was coming before the end of the year and the time has come. The long awaited Ocean route expansion is live. We’ve been working on adding the ability to take turns and have intersections to pave the way (so to speak) for the future routes and courses, and this is our first test of the new feature.

As seen in the video, you now will have the option to take turns at intersections in Watopia. Upon approaching an intersection you will see some new options pop up at the bottom of your screen and you can use the Left, Up, and Right arrow keys to make your selection on the keyboard. If you have the Zwift Mobile Link App paired to Zwift the top two blue buttons in the app will temporarily change to arrow buttons to allow you to make your choice, and they will go back to their standard functions once you exit the intersection area.

If you’d prefer to just concentrate on the ride or don’t have a phone or keyboard handy, you can also choose your route preference at the drop in screen. “Flat” will bypass the KOM and take you on the new Ocean Route. “Hills” will choose the original course, “Group” will make your avatar do what the group in front of you (if any) is doing, and “Surprise me” will just pick at random. The preference can be overridden at any time during your ride using the arrow keys or phone buttons as described previously.

And of course, as with every update, there’s a few other features and fixes we’ve packed in, including:

  • Level 21-25 now available
  • You can now pause/resume a workout, as well as skip a block of a workout using the Zwift phone app. The top two blue buttons in the app will switch to workout buttons during workout mode, and resume their previous functionality when done with a workout. Additionally “TAB” on your keyboard will allow you to skip a workout block. NOTE: Phone workout buttons will not be available momentarily while you are in or very near an intersection.
  • When in workout mode, paired to a smart trainer, and you have ERG mode disabled you can now control your smart trainers resistance using the phone app. Again two of the blue buttons on Zwift Mobile Link will change to more & less resistance buttons. You can also use the + and - keys on your keyboard if you’d prefer. When adjusting this, you’ll see a trainer resistance setting display appear next to the top white workout instructional box. This also applies to “free ride” sections of workouts.
  • Custom workouts are now grouped by tags for easier browsing. Power users can also organize their ZWO files into subfolders on their hard drive and the hierarchy will be shown in Zwift.
  • Ambient sounds added
  • Various graphics and stability improvements

We’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, and feedback. Head on over to our Zwift Support Community to tell us what you think.

Ride On!

Team Zwift