Zwift Game GC not showing

My Zwift games second race is showing in the GC category? Anybody else not seeing themselves in the GC ?

Sorry not showing. My result is not showing in the GC overall.

The GC update process involves a human pushing a button. Sometimes it can take a while. How long have you been waiting?

2.5 hours

Give it a day or so. Some of the employees doing this are in the UK and hopefully not working now.

Ok sounds good. Yeah shows race one but it’s not showing race 2 hope it’s just what you said and tomorrow it will be reflected. Thank you

Hi @Abe_Rosenberg This is Juan from Zwift. Welcome to Forums. Undoubtedly, seeing your results in the GC is the most important thing after doing a great performance in the Zwift Games.

Your race result will not show up immediately on ZwiftPower after you finish the race, We’re sorry about that! Based on my experience, results always show up by the next day, but sometimes show up within an hour or two. This has to do with the organizers finalizing the results.

I went to your account and confirmed that your four Zwift Games events have been added to the GC along with your rank. If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to let us know at Ride On.