Zwift for active seniors?

I know some very active seniors in their 60’s who are interested in the Zwift concept, particularly the idea of a virtual ride through various cities and Zwift programs. The question I can’t answer for them is whether or not there are riding groups/clubs they can join. They are drawn to the social aspect and would like to do moderate intensity rides with people in their fitness level. Is something they can do with Zwift?

Short answer: Yes

Longer answer: There are hundreds of “events” each day. An event could be a group ride or race at a predefined pace based on watts/kg (power/weight) or a group workout which works a bit differently and has a “rubber band” effect that helps keep the group together regardless of how fast each person is going. You can also create a “meetup” in the Zwift companion app on your phone and invite your firends/followers to a ride where you choose the route.
A lot of things can effect your speed in Zwift, so understanding all the virtual physics is important. Your height, weight, type of bike and wheels, and drafting can all effect your speed and watts/kg ratio. The setup/type of your trainer can also be a factor if it isn’t calibrated correctly or tightened to the manufacturers recommendations.
There are many groups that ride at a slower pace, you will want to look for category D rides with low watts/kg posted (0.9 - 1.3 watts/kg are the slowest that I know of). You can search for events here:
Many of the rides also include a link to a 3rd party app called Discord that allows you to talk to the group using your phone and a pair of earbuds with a microphone, or you can type messages on the screen using the keyboard or Zwift Companion App (ZCA). Its much easier to use Discord and not fumble around with the keyboard while riding.