Zwift Feature Quarterly Report

It would be nice to know what is going on in the world of Zwift behind the doors. Will we be getting new bikes, new courses, new features, the ability to throw water balloons at other bikers, get our virtual ghost trainer who paces us, or just a simple hint at what might be coming.

We know roadblocks are encountered all the time, but Zwift has to be treated like a gaming company now with the price increase and opening up the running platform. Gaming companies let the players know what is on the upcoming roadmap. I believe we all would like to know what is planned for the future.

With summer coming…if there is nothing new and exciting coming then why pay the 10/15 dollars a month? Seriously if there is nothing added what does it hurt to miss a day when its like a monsoon outside. I have no problem supporting Zwift, but with support comes some transparency. 

There are features in the community 2 to 3 years old that would be extra nice to have and say planned. Yet they are still not out there for the public. I hope things transpire to bring more features with the higher price. If not like many others. I will shut down my support until late fall and ride other programs on rainy windy nasty days. 

My wishlist is this…Have the quarterly Road Map of features, upgrades, and direction of the game long term. Give us some juicy rumors, gives us hope that zwift will actually develop into something special and not just a 4 month gap stop to keep us from getting out of shape. Gives us features that make us want to log on to zwift at least once a week to try something new

a countdown clock for new expansions wood be nice

we shoud be geting a new expansion every month… becouse the number of users payng is geting higher every month i think…

Zwift does not post this information, your best options are ZwiftCast and ZwiftInsider for hinds at what coming in the future.

Mike I agree.  I see very little evidence Zwift is listening anymore.  The initial line that they are just a boutique company doesn’t apply anymore.   Add the price increase and seems like now we should be seeing a little more responsiveness.  Just saying “Zwift does not post this information” is a statement on their lack of support to their members not a reasonable answer…Start posting it Zwift.