Zwift plans

Can we get a full list of what Zwift are planning for Zwift.
It often feels very quiet from Zwift HQ and out only insight into whats comming seems to be Zwift Hype FB page.

Features in Game
Features in APP
Dynamics (changes to the simulation in game)
Website and Community (how Zwift are making changes to develop and support the community through functionality and ease of use)

In a lot of ways this game/software is in open development. To have a road map and feature release plans would be amazing with regular updates. ZHQ can def say a new course is in development and approximate release date, you can say a feature is in R&D. Some clarity and something to look foreward to would be great news, and very much appreciated. Maybe look at games like Star Citizen for this transparity and community collaboration.

Zwift does not post what features, courses, worlds or anything else that is planned in the future. You may here about something that will be implemented a week or so ahead of time.

You will not see a road map of what Zwift has planned in the near future, but who knows things may change.

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Hey Paul. Yes I’m aware they don’t do this. That’s the reason for the request.
Although I should have posted this in general discussion .


I would love Zwift to share what is coming down the pipe in the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

I can be moved to General Discussion if you like.

I don’t think this will ever happen, it is just not industry norm to do it.

  1. They don’t want their competitors to see what is coming.
  2. They don’t want to be hold to dates and features that may or may not work.

Managing expectations.

If they set out their plans then experienced delays people would just moan even more…

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But is that what their customers want. It’s not about exact dates it’s about what’s being worked on, what to get excited about, what’s being researched and played with.
I understand your point but I as a customer I want more info (personal opinion obviously), I want to get excited about what’s coming up.
Also, I agree there will be some that moan but again it’s not about setting timelines as such or at least fixed ones.
I referenced Star Citizen because they have and continue to do exactly what I have said. That developer states what they are looking at, developing, testing, and doing with rough timelines and also state that they can’t promise specific timelines but will do their best. They get lots of people complaining and also far more super hyped.
All press is good press, especially if you’re doing a good job anyhow.
Also, Eric Min did state a couple of years ago in an interview that they looked at competitors but are happy doing their own thing and are confident in their product so it’s not about sharing features with competitors.

Some of them.

I must admit that I don’t really get excited about what might be coming later in the year, each to their own.

I am just thinking how disappointed I would be if Zwift said “we are working on a feature so you can pull a friend up a hill” then later after months of development they find that it does not work as expected or they just can’t make it work and then drop the feature. this happen all the the time in research and development you spend time and money and if it does not work you drop it and work on something else.


That’s not much different to the public testing that was shown of the fence for group rides. People got an indication of it, it spurred debate and it’s still not been delivered. Seems to me that people are just making do without it.

That would be a PR issue and I would call any company that promised something and didn’t deliver stupid in this day and age. Thats why you make sure you can do what your promising. But I think course and world developments wouldn’t come under that, neither would most features. But also any PR individual who didn’t control what goes out and how those comments are delivered should be shot. The point is, Zwift 100% have features in the pip line that they could mention in some sort of loose time line and also know they can deliver even if they are late.
R&D is exactly that and should stay secret until they have anything concrete, however there is nothing wrong with saying for example, ‘We are experimenting with concepts like weather and wind direction affecting speed’ or we are looking at ideas for steering and how we might develop that’ both of these they could discus openly once they know they can deliver something. They haven’t said when or even in what capacity.
I would just like a lot more info coming directly from Zwift.

Microsoft do it and its very useful and helps shapes product and increase customer satisfaction. See User Voice. I am aware that Zwift are not Microsoft :slight_smile: