Course API

I know you guys are busy doing all the stuff to make Zwift stable and awesome, so… I’m sure there are quite a few of us out there who are programmers and would love the opportunity to expand your world, maybe even host servers/courses/events. It would be great if members could have access to:

  • Course API
  • Design toolkit
  • “Creative” physics (“Um, why does this circuit course have three climbs and no descents?”)
  • Private/public/time-locked courses
    and such. I’ve seen other similar requests, but the point I guess I’m trying to make is that it doesn’t have to be slick. People are genuinely interested and I’d create courses, just so I could have Courses that mirror my training profiles.
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Great idea - however given they apparently have their own custom OPENGL engine rather than something like Unity I can bet it’s a long long time before custom course creation is open to users like me and you - though private rides for clubs, workouts, mock-ups of real climbs, Gran Fondo events even Tour Stages I bet are in their future? Maybe you start an ecosystem of Doom-like WAD edits built by some online drag and drop track creator as if it were Scalextric pieces? Or some universal translator for Strava Segment to Zwift course? :slight_smile: Just don’t mix up real segment GPS data with virtual ride GPS data! (Faking the Zwift rides on Jarvis Island was truly inspired!)

I would love to see them move to the Crysis Engine, which is _wicked fast _rendering of objects and world items.

My selfish need is for an API that lets me pull the data out for multiple riders (assuming their settings permit public reading of their data; an option not in there yet), so I can build my own single pane of glass/dashboard to integrate the Zwift data with other data sources in real-time and time-shifted.