Course Editor

Opening up Zwift with a Course editor would be awesome. I totally understand that such editor-based courses might not be at such a high standard than the Zwift created ones (with all the little details), but still having only two courses for a paid product is a bit less and its also understandable that providing a rich set of courses is not easily doable for the developers at Zwift because you have limited resources. 

Therefore I believe a crowd-sources course-creation would be a great thing for the product. And more courses might attract more riders. 

You’re getting some downvotes for this, so let me add my own $0.02 to the discussion. I’ve been asking for a “Course Builder” for a very long time, and while I understand it’s low-to-no priority for Zwift, it has a lot of benefits. 

I don’t want a course editor, I want something that allows me to create a new course from scratch and run that course _offline _with a handful of NPCs (# to be decided by my configuration; eg: NAIBikes in the config files). 

I don’t want to create a course that breaks the Zwift servers, has too much detail and breaks clients or lacks the smooth experience of the ‘core’ Zwift routes, but I do want to be able to create my own courses offline and ride them as custom routes, so I can train in my own specific way, which Zwift does not support today. 

I can easily see teams wanting to build their own private training courses that they can ride offline, maybe even in a peer-to-peer fashion, if they know the unique course hash key in the same location (the Mobile Link app already talks directly to the PC app, why not have multiple PCs in the same site all running ‘offline’ with the same course, share that event amongst the riders in that same site?) 

Then you could have a community sponsored and managed repository of courses built, managed and maintained by that community for use by anyone who wishes to ride them, strictly offline

It would be great to see people crowdsource-building their own favorite real-world courses into a Zwift route (.zrt file?) like we do today with the workouts. 

Very little impact to the main Zwift ecosystem and server infrastructure, but it would allow for _tremendous _flexibility in the product itself, and would lend itself to a lot of tri, duathlon, amateur and pro teams and coaches to build and model real-world routes to train and test on, prior to actual rides and races. 


Thanks for trying to back me up, but I think your feature is a bit different of what I meant.

And I don’t get the downvotes honestly as this looks to me that a richer pool of courses someone can drive is disliked by the majority of the people (which I doubt).

By opening up Zwift to allow others to create courses, I’m sure that within a few weeks, the power users would model their favourite real-world courses to be able to drive them inside the Zwift universe and we all could drive around the world without Zwift having to invest insane amounts of time and resources to build all those courses.

Issues like load or “too many users” are luxury problems to have for a business like Zwift and I’m sure that scale and user-growth is one of the core problems the company thinks about and hopefully Zwift is build on some cloud-solution where this problem can mainly be solved by throwing more money in the pot.