What features would justify another price increase?

If Zwift wanted to raise their monthly price to $20 or $30+, what additional features, services, etc. would you want included? Long-term, out-of-the-box brainstorming…

Some initial ideas:

  • In-person workout options (Zwift spin classes at your local gym)
  • All the premium features of Strava and Training Peaks
  • Professional coaching (monitors training and suggests workouts, etc - this would cost even more)
  • Sophisticated amateur race leagues
  • Hardware rental (trainer, etc.)

Any other day-dream ideas?

A more realistic game engine. The one that Zwift uses now seems a bit dated.

As for the rest, $20 I could grudgingly pay. For $30 I would have to give up Zwift. If they raised prices to that level, it would be good to have pricing tiers - $15 for what we have now, $25-$30 for advanced options such as coaching, spin classes, etc.


How about we don’t give them any ideas? :wink:

I certainly couldn’t justify $30 per month, personally. I’ve absolutely no interest in gym spin classes or pro coaching. We already have amateur race leagues. Hardware rental wouldn’t be included in even $30 I’m sure, it’s just not economically viable as far as I can see.

I can’t see anything that would cause me to feel $30 per month was acceptable.

I’d be far more inclined to make reasonable one-off payments.

$5 to buy my club jersey in game? Sure. $2 entry fee for a specific race series? Maybe.

The point being they’d be things I can pick and choose whether to spend money on. Not something that I get for “free” with a large monthly fee, even if I don’t make use of them.


Why would you ask this question it’s on the pricey end of the spectrum now. They should be looking to add features not keep increasing price.

To be honest the expansion has been great in last 18months a bit of consolidation would b good.


100% Dave