Zwift Downhill Brakes?

Rumor has it that Zwift is testing downhill corner brakes, for more realistic downhill riding. While Ventoux is mostly straight, the Alp has a lot of hairpin turns. With the cornering effect, the downhill time for the Alp will be about a minute slower. You will see the riders brake light come on briefly as they enter the turn.


  • Does this sound like what the community wants?
  • Could this be just in effect for races?
  • Would you rather race down the Alp with three anvil powerups?

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@Zee_Kryder I added the poll for you. :sunglasses:


I would like Anvils. When the Alp was first released, the power-up locations worked on the way down (which was changed soon after). I think on one decent I had three aeros.

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Not bothered by the alp as people rarely race down it but maybe with those pens at the top if could come into use. i’d like to see it introduced on all corners for races down hill or not. Would make for more exciting racing.

ideally an option configurable by event organisers to switch on or off.

ps…it’s not a rumour. Zwift announced for this coming season last year.


^^ This ^^

I also want to add on Flat corners if you are have to much power you get the wide line and if you drop power at the right spot you get the short fast inside line.

And to make it more interesting the front of the bunch get less braking than the back.

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I’d rather see crashes if you hit corners too fast - not an absolute certainty of a crash but a big tool of the dice and at least a 15s time penalty if you overcook it. Then you could add the option of auto or manual brakes with manual being faster if judiciously applied.


Here’s the old segment:

Here’s the new one:

Zwift has previously formed an ‘event only’ option for the Alp downhill.
But apparently it has not been officially opened for racing.

O no please not crashes, some other platform is doing it and it is super distracting just watching it, not to think how bad it is to ride it.


sounds about right there are youtube videos out there showing it.

I really really don’t want crashes to become the default. I have been watching some CADE Cycling videos, and the crashes completely wreck an otherwise great performance, it’s actually comical to watch, but if I were in the middle of a super hard effort and missed hitting a button because it was too sweaty and then I crashed I’d be frustrated.

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Wouldn’t that make the idea of auto-braking less in effect than it already was? :thinking: b/c you’re going faster with an anvil, whereas the idea with autobraking is going slower for a moment.

i assume the idea being that you could deploy an anvil out a corner to gain speed quick causing a potential break. whether it would work like that i’m not sure but would be fun to try.

Hmm, interesting.

Definitely agree with the first statement, not so much the second.


My thinking on that is social rides probably won’t want the surging every time a corner comes

Yes, I certainly see your point. Though I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will dislike aspects of PD4 etc. Pity we can’t have a social/gaming platform and a racing platform to keep everyone happy :thinking:

Since pack dynamics, double draft, TT bike draft, etc. can be enabled or disabled for specific events, I would imagine that braking can be as well, and that’s probably how it will be tested.

Sorry, maybe we’re talking at cross purposes i.e. testing it versus implementing it?

Once fully tested and optimised, I was surmising that auto-braking (or whatever it’s called) would become the new game default, much like PD4 (rather than something an event organiser could decide to enable, or not)?

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PD4 will ultimately be “on” and not a tagged option.


so what’s the story on downhill/ corner speed?
the London hairpins go slower, right?
Anything else?