Zwift Doesn't Load on Fresh Win 11 Install

Zwift isn’t loading at all, no splash screen with a login or ‘Let’s Go’. The launcher starts, i can see it in the system tray appear then disappear.
I’m running a brand new install of Win 11 on a brand new machine with the following specs:-
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1235U 1.30 GHz
Intel Iris XE GRaphics
Windows 11 Pro
All drivers have been updated and all windows updates applied.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Check Event Viewer for clues about why it crashed
Disable OneDrive
Don’t install AV software other than Defender
Contact Zwift support if you remain stuck

Thanks. One drive is disabled. Can you tell me where event viewer is located please?
Also, Zwift support is just a chatbot. I can’t find out how to contact an human. Are you referring to an actual support line?

The chat assistant will transfer your chat to an email if it is unable to help you.

I would initially try to uninstall and reinstall the software.

Hi @Pete_Dahdouh_CRCA_Fo welcome to Zwift forums.

As others have already noted - for problems installing Zwift on PC and Mac - there are some common issues that will cause installation problems.

OneDrive and other programs like it syncing the Documents folder to the cloud is a very common reason.

Thanks for responding. I fixed the issue and have ridden on Zwift again. It appears that having a Dell keyboard with a smart card reader was not compatible with this version of Windows.
I also had to completely uninstall One Drive not just logout.
Zwift runs smoothly so thank you all for the input.