Zwift does not start on a laptop with Windows 10

(kees van Zon) #1

 I have a laptop with windows 10 and Zwift does not start on this unit. On my PC it works well with windows 7.

my mate is facing the same issue on a Windows 10 laptop


We start the app and start login in.

Login goes weel and then we come in the screen with the option to push the button “Ride”.


After pushing the Ride button , it moves to the next screen, and the after 4-5 seconds, the Zwift crashes and shuts down.


I already removed and re-installed Zwift , but still same issue.

Does anyone have the same problem ?

(Raisin Bend-OR) #2

I had the same issue yesterday and it turned out the graphics card in my monitor will not enable Zwift.  I was able to launch and use the app on my Dell without the monitor.  Are you using a monitor?  If not may be your graphics drivers on your laptop.

(kees van Zon) #3

I am not using a seperate monitor with my laptop. i will have a look at my video card .


Thanks for your reply

(Heigo Lomp) #4

I have same issue and I am using laptop in dock with additional monitor. I tried updating all drivers and laptop without additional monitor, it still don’t start.

(Rory Grout) #5

I have the same issue using Windows 10 on an Alpha Alienware.  Everything worked fine until the recent update and now it keeps hanging or takes me through to the “log on” screen saying no courses available. I have uninstalled Zwift and will see if it that works and will post to the group. Otherwise, will be interested to see if there are any solutions.