Zwift doens´t update and open in windows 10

(JOSE M) #1

I installed the application on a laptop and an a PC, both with Windows 10 .

After installing a few minutes, the screen freeze “updating”.

I have read many trouble ticket and none of the proposed solutions has helped me (reinstalling Zwift, reset wifi, update IE, stop firewall and antivirus, add firewall exception…)

I opened a support ticket on Saturday, but I still have not obtained solution

this is very frustrating

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Jose, 

Sorry to hear, please try following. 

  1. Quit Zwift background process in task manager
  2. Go to downloads folder
  3. Delete Zwift file (if there is any) 
  4. Get the latest launcher available HERE. (ZwiftSetup)
  5. Run the exe file (ZwiftSetup) 

All this hard wired if possible. 

Hopefully this will solve the problem. 

Thank you