Zwift Desktop App Not Opening [macOS]

After reinstalling, leaving overnight, and changing accounts I cannot get the desktop application to load on Mac OS. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Could you give us a little more information about your set-up?
Here’s a handy guide:

In particular, was Zwift previously running okay on the same device with the same version of MacOS?

I too have had trouble loading desktop App on MacOS after downloading and updating the software. It was working fine last week (before the latest software update). The ZwiftApp stops responding during the launch, when it finally launches sometimes in will not recognise my devices through the ANT connector. When it does recognise the devices (or I choose SKIP) it stops responding when launching the chosen route. I have to force the App to quit every time.

@Joshua_James_Venter and @Michael_Seddon welcome to Zwift forums.

By any chance, did you update macOS to a recent version? When that happens, your OS app security settings revert to the default (more restrictive) permission levels, which prevents Zwift from launching correctly.

You can verify this is the case by searching for “Zwift” in Finder. If there are multiple folders labeled Zwift, Zwift1, etc, it’s because Zwift is trying to write to the Documents folder but the OS is preventing it from doing so.

Follow all these steps to delete everything Zwift.
Be sure to save your personal best and customer workout files.
Once everything is deleted including what’s in the Application Support folder, re-install Zwift.

When you re-install, you should be prompted to allow Zwift permissions to the Documents folder. Say yes.
If you want to be sure that’s set up correctly - check out these instructions.

Did that fix it? Please loop back and let us know

I reinstalled Zwift on my Mac as per the “temporary workaround” instructions. The latest OS update was not an issue. There are still periods of no response but not so long and none fatal.