Zwift crashing on Saturday mornings only

Hello Zwift,

     I’m new to Zwift this month and loving it.  I’m making great progress but what is very frustrating is that on Saturday mornings, when I have time for a long ride (along with 6,000+ other Zwifters I see), Zwift always crashes on me.  Please make sure that as you add new users, you have the capability to support all of us.  It is very frustrating to be breaking your PRs and suddenly you lose miles and cannot recover them.

Thank you,


Hi Melissa,

There seems to be a bit of confusion that I hope to clear up. We are currently capable of supporting that amount of riders and more. 

However, there are times where a user’s internet may not be able to keep up with the higher load of additional data that is received from a higher a more populated world. 

During the other times that you are riding, your network may be able to keep up, but once more riders are around, your network may be having some additional trouble. If you are on wifi, you may want to consider a direct ethernet connection. 

It doesn’t look like you’ve ever created a ticket, but I might recommend that in order to get an understanding of what is happening with your computer. We would request your log files, which would show us exactly what may be happening at the time of your crashes. You might also be able to see for yourself using the community-made log analyzer, “”. That would give you a visual representation of any possible signal loss or network dropouts that would be seen in the logs.

If that doesn’t help, be sure to submit a ticket here and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Ride On!