Zwift Crashes Today: NEtclient Error


Three total crashes today, losing all data

End of logs is many entries like this, seems servers may be overloaded/ not responding?


17:30:59] NETCLIENT:Last message was sent 24 seconds ago
[17:30:59] NETCLIENT:ERROR: Failed one leg latency threshold test: 10798

Sorry to hear that. Please book a ticket and attach you log file. You can find your log file in \documents\activities\log.txt.

Here’s the link to book a support ticket.

I had a problem too ! At the end of the (Zwift Race in the New Year) I literally just crossed the finish line.  Have no idea what happened, clicked and it said could not connect to server !!  I did have a fit file, but was partial, even though I finished the entire race.  Sucked


What causes this error?   

What is the impact of this error?   

I cleared the Zwift log files, reinstall Zwift, ditched Ant+ and went with just bluetooth connection to the trainer.   In a 3 minutes test ride, Zwift logged 772 of the “NETCLIENT:ERROR: Failed one leg latency threshold test: xxxx” errors.   Does this mean my ride result is highly inaccurate?

By the way, I ditched Ant+ because I found 5,556 Ant-related errors in the log file.   The majority of the errors is “Ant: Rx fail on channel 1, 2, 3, 4”.

What are my options since both bluetooth and ant+ connections are buggy?


I have the same issue at the moment with my laptop and ant+ connection 3 times in a row.  

Did someone find a solution so far ? 

I just tried with another laptop today - no issue after 1h. 


I also have this error. When I first got Zwift it seemed to work fine, but then since the start of this year I’ve not been able to get it to work reliably.


I have tried sooo many different things to remedy the problem. I’ve turned all my bluetooth devices off, removed my HDMI and turned off my external screen. bought a USB extension, bought a boosted USB extension, bought a power supply to boost the boosted extension, tried different USB ports on the PC, killed off the garmin apps on the PC and the phone, turned my whole setup 180° to match how it was last year…


Eventually I ditched ANT+ and used an old phone as a bluetooth bridge. I thought all my problems were solved until a couple of rides in. My power output seemed a bit low, then suddenly dropped out entirely: --W


I was on a group ride at the time so it was pretty annoying. It doesn’t inspire me to get on it much. It seems Zwift is determined to not work for me.