Zwift crashes (still)

Hello Community,

during the last weeks zwift crashed on different maps (france/ven-top, watopia/alpe, free rides / predefined routes) at different daytimes and also before and after major update (1.0.60239) including an up-to-date Companion. Any known issues?

Information that might help:

  • Normally i ride on 4K-res, but it seems to happen also on hd-resolution.
  • Zwift runs on MacOS 11.0.1 on iMac 2019 5K, cpu is an i9 9900KF, 72 GB Ram, Radeon Pro 580X 8GB
  • Companion on iPhone XR including all iOS-updates, same wlan as iMAC
  • Running Zwift in german language
  • No known issues with wlan or internet access
  • Riding on Wahoo Kickr core 2019, connected via BT to iMAC
  • Using Polar H10 as a heartrate monitor and Wahoo cadence sensor
  • Sometimes BT connection from kickr core to iMac gets lost, but when this happens it does not seem to affect zwift.

Is it possible that companion crashes zwift app? I don`t know exactly what I do on Companion when Zwift crashes…

Support is asked for help, but did not respond yet.

Any help welcome.
Best regards.

Just some thoughts . Why do have a separate cadence sensor when your trainer provides cadence? That’s another BT device trying to talk to your Mac.
I believe you have one or more USB ports on your MAC so if all else fails you can try a ANSELF ANT+ dongle (<$20 on Amazon) and see if that solves the problem.

I’m having similar problems, screen froze for a second just after 20 minutes, then at upload/save Windows said Zwift had stopped responding.

I don’t trust my InRide sensor to provide cadence info; as far as I can tell it’s guessing. I trust a cadence sensor that directly measures the crank somehow, either with a magnet on crank and magnetic switch on chainstay, or a MEMS orientation sensor mounted on the crank arm.

@bob: I bought the cadence sensor for my real life rides as i am new to this business…so nothing special although I also read about the quality issues of the values delivered by the kickr…

What i did now was indeed buy an ant-sensor (the ohne you mentioned, bob)…and guess what: no crashes since then during 5 rides and +6 hours of zwifting. I will still have an eye in it, but up to now that seemed to help. So thank you very much!