Zwift Crashes Randomly On iMac

(Mark Hopkins) #1

I’m running macOS Sierra on an iMac 21.5" with 2.7Ghz Interl Core i5 CPU.  I’m running 8GB ram with NVIDIA GeForce GT640M 512MB graphics.  


I have not managed to complete many events on Zwift as i’m lucky to get to the start line as it will usually crap out very quickly.


I have Trainerroad installed (but not open at the same time) but when i do use TR i find that it works fine and allows me to run my Sufferfest vids or Netflix without any problems.  The only problems i have are when trying to get Zwift to work successfully.  


Please help otherwise i’m going to have to cancel.

(Ben Conradi (BCC)) #2

I’m managing to run Zwift on an old 2010 MBP C2D, 8GB RAM upgrade, 500GB SSD but with stock Graphics.

I did have one crash on Sunday though was fiddling with my Avatar settings mid ride. Had to force quit but the following hour had no issues, though I avoided any fettling mid ride. My previous 25 mins was partially saved.

I’d cancel any background apps, iTunes, browsers etc etc

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #3

Hi Mark,

Please log an official support request here:

Make sure you collect all the logs that can be useful. They can be found at MyDocuments\Zwift\Logs

Good luck.