Zwift crashes on startup Apple TV after update of Zwift Companion app 3.54.0


TLDR; I suspect something is wrong with bridging after changes in the companion app.

I had hoped there were known issues. But couldn’t find a thread.
Wednesday morning (Amsterdam time) I had a successful ride (Zwift Hub One, polar h10 bridged with companion app to latest Apple TV 4K).

This morning though, the Zwift Apple TV app crashes. I have version 1.57.3. The screen will show my name, then instead of having to click the orange arrow next to it, you get the blue Zwift in between screen and the go to your connections immediately. Everything connects and I’m logged in.
After that. The app crashes and I go back to my Apple Home Screen.

When pressing the tv button. I can see there’s still a Zwift tab active. Going to that gives the same behaviour.

I have closed it, restarted Apple TV, updated the companion app (this behaviour started before updating the companion app). But no luck.

I could do a workout on my phone without any issues. So that would leave the companion app or Apple TV as a culprit.

Hi @Marc_Van_der_Meer Thanks for reporting this crash issue.

  • Does it occur on a specific menu screen or in-world or maybe a specific world, route, or location?
  • Does it occur in a specific type of ride (e.g., free ride, workout, group event, pacer ride)?

I had a look at your activities registered on Wednesday 6th and observed multiple logging sessions on different devices. Jumping another session on a different device without logging out from the previous device can cause several issues including; overall poor performance and issues with your data from previous sessions being overwritten.

If the issue persists in your next ride please, send us the crash logs files for further investigation to our Community Support team.

If all else fails and you want the nuclear option for Zwift on the Apple TV, do a factory reset

Reset or restore your Apple TV to its factory settings - Apple Support

Hi Martha,

Thanks for reaching out!

It happens on the screen after connecting. Zwift suggests to continue my training plan for instance. Either when selecting a world, but also when I select ‘back’ on the suggested training it happens.

I saw that my phone had a session open as well. I closed that, restarted Apple TV but no luck. After finishing my trainings plan (so that Zwift wouldn’t recommend that on the first screen) I still had the same issue.

I think there should be some logins visible when I was only trying to start a new session on the Apple TV.

But I will try to remove the Zwift app from Apple TV, restart and if no luck contact support.

(Explanation for opening on multiple devices: I rather don’t have sessions open on multiple devices, but I like to see my progress, new unlocked bikes in the garage etc. This is not possible in companionapp, so the only way of doing this is when not sitting on a bike is starting the zwift app. This morning I also had to start it from my phone because it did not work on Apple TV anymore.)

Thanks Paul! I only use it for swift so this is worth a shot!
I did read something about the new companion app version that had something to do with iOS. From my line of work I do know that when apps for Apple are released, older version that supposed to work do have issues with changes in the backend, even though it shouldn’t affect things. But I would expect not to be the only one.

Maybe it’s a session mix up like suggested and I will try your reset for sure!

And be extra vigilant with tracking my progress when not on a bike (and hope those things will be added to the companion app at some point).

Stressful times haha. First the news that my Zwift Hub One will be basically obsolete after two months of owning it and connection issues right after I read that

Hi Martha,

It seems to be fixed.
I think Apple TV didn’t play nice anymore.
I removed the Zwift app and reinstalled: no dice
I removed the Comp app and reinstalled: nope

Was about to Nuke Apple TV like Paul suggested, but in that menu saw that (eventhough I set Apple TV to automatically update) there was an update available. Updated Apple TV, closed all apps and was able to ride again…

Whatever version I had installed on Apple TV did not work with Zwift companion bridge anymore.

The Zwift app stayed open just fine when starting, but as soon as I bridged with the companion app, it closed itself.

If anyone has the issue since this week when bridging: check if there’s an Apple TV update!

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