Zwift Crashed during a race for the first time


Yesterday for the first time my Zwift crashed during a race. Usually, I use it for workouts and It was one of the first times I used Zwift to race,

I’m wondering to know why it crashed. I always use the same laptop and the only thing that changed is the internet speed ( I changed location) and it’s slower now. But for workouts, it never crashed.

Also, how do I load the race file on strava? I checked on the Zwift folder on my mac but once I load it on Strava it says that the file is not valid. On Zwift activity feeds it shows but if I click on it, won’t load and I can’t download it.

This is the link

Thank you for your help

I managed to fix the file and to upload it on strava.

I still would like to know why my laptop crashed, being the first time I’m worried it could happen again during a race.

Hi @Americo8855,

Due to the potentially complicated nature of ‘crashes’ this would be better helped with an email to, but we are having super long response times due to our contact volume at the moment, so I will see if I can help you here real quick.

The most likely reason you crashed in a race when you don’t during workouts is GPU stress. I can’t say 100% since i don’t know anything about your device, but lately we’ve had super high participant numbers in events, which results in a lot of people all being in one area and can provide a large amount of stress to GPU’s which may result in a crash. For the same reason, it might also be RAM related if you are running just the minimum of 4 GB RAM.

Providing a quick run-down of your system would help me, and anyone else who may try to can use this article to find your specs file, and use it to provide me with the following info:

GPU(Graphics Card/Display Driver)
OS (Including current build/update version if possible)


Hi Seth,

Thanks for your reply. These are the laptop specs


As I said I never had a crash before. Shouldn’t this laptop be enough powerful to handle Zwift races?

Twice this weekend, Zwift crashed on me in the last km of a race. I use Apple TV. It has never crashed mid workout/race prior to this recent update. I realize there are quite a few people using Zwift- but usually that doesn’t cause a crash. For eg, during a Haute Route ride, prior to the update, everyone around me disappeared for the remainder of the ride, and others reported a similar thing happening. But that didn’t cause the application to fully crash (black screen) as has happened twice now this weekend. I think the update is forcing a larger power/data transfer draw than before, and the ATV perhaps can’t handle that. If the platform wants to be a reliable place for racing and workouts, perhaps prioritizing reliability over graphics is smart, if that’s the issue. It’s a new version, 4K ATV, paired with a 4th gen Kickr…

I was in a race today and it crashed on my iPad ~8 min into the race. No warning messages, the application just suddenly quit. I had no other apps running on my iPad pro at the time. I’ve reached out to Zwift support via email.

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Since the latest update, Zwift, (on ATV), has crashed twice, (this week). Ive read in another forum one possible fix which Im going to try…

Steve let me know if that fix works for you. I tried turning on both apple tv match content settings and it didn’t work.

Hi Americo, could you share how you fixed it? I have a similar problem. Strava crashed, the ride is in my feed, but I can’t open it. It wasn’t a race, just a normal ride. Thanks.