Zwift crash on completness of Ramp test

Zwift crashed just as the timer ran out for “I’m toast” upon completion of ramp test. Is there any way of retrieving that info from the ride?

Otherwise, at least I used my garmin also so the data is there. Is Zwift’s ramptest 75% of max 1min power?

Hi Peter.

you can find your fit file her on you pc or mac \Documents\Zwift\Activities

You can use this calculator to calculate your MAP and FTP

Same thing just happened to me :frowning:

Maybe we’ll get an update with this and gpu support fixed soon.

Same problem. A crash at the end of the ramp test and the FIT file was corrupt.

Same for me. So annoying!!!

I also had this very same problem.

Same for me. :frowning:

Same here. Has happened last 2 ramp tests. Both times i let the timer go to 0, maybe could be something to do with that.