PC App Crashes During FTP Ramp Test

Twice today I was trying to do an FTP ramp test and the program crashed at 10m 1s.
The test had just entered the 240W interval and then crashed

Is this a known bug?

Hi Adam, welcome. There’s no reason the ramp test by itself would cause a crash. It’s more likely that you selected the same world and route on both tests, and it crashed at the same spot. If it was the same time through a set test then you’d have been in the same place.

You’ll need to provide details of your PC’s specifications if the community are going to be able to offer any suggestions.

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Thanks Dave, thats an interesting thought. I would have been on the same route, France I think. I’ll try again on a different one.

I’m on a Windows laptop, windows 10, i5 10th gen, 8gb RAM. Only about a year old by now

There’s a crashing issue with 10th and 11th gen integrated graphics. See these threads, some people have had success rolling back the Intel drivers to specific older versions: Intel integrated graphics gen 10 and 11
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Same issue here, but not with intel integrated graphics. I’ve tried the regular ftp test (not ramp, short program) twice as well as the ramp test light and swift crashes about 10-12 minutes into the ride. Has this been a known bug?