Zwift crash < 1 minute before Gran Fondo start

Did anyone else have this problem? I was in the start pen with the other riders and Zwift just shut down completely just before the start of the Gran Fondo (A) Europe. When I restarted Zwift, I was unable to re-join, presumably because the ride had already started. I did the double pretzel on my own anyway, which was a bit sad. Was this a problem that other riders had, or might this have been something weird with my own set-up? 

i joined about 3 mins before start, and did not experience any problems for the whole ride 1200+ logged on; Well apart from jelly legs.

Had different problem, and can’t tell if server or my machine.  I was 1 hour 10 minutes in, and actually around mile 19 or so, when Zwift/my computer just froze up.  Tried to reboot and re-enter, but once you do that looks like Zwift has no way for you to re-enter a race in progress.

Complete bummer.

I would imagine having Zwift crash 1hr in would be a lot worse than having it crash before the start. That must have been demoralizing. Sorry to hear that.