Fondo Feb 18 crashed

I got up at 5:30AM to get on at 6AM. I was able to choose the Fondo event and got into the Zwift world then Zwift crashed. I tried three times. Server overload? Anyone else have this happen?

I started the  fondo at 8am it let me complete the course and when I finished I save but on my activities it is telling me I only done 19 miles instead of the 30 miles I actually did and it has only 1 hour on the time when I actually did 1 hour 35 mins


Same here, started the 9am Fondo  to only get 1.8km then crashed. Then tried the afternoon one to only get 12km before again crashing.
Im using Apple TV 4k and never had a problem before. Very annoying when you have to juggle family time and an angry wife :slight_smile:

I completed the short fondo, but I think due to the zwift outage
My activity wasn’t saved or uploaded to strava, even though it looked like it worked fine. As a result I didn’t get my fondo jersey :frowning:

I received this email response from Zwift support this morning.
Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the trouble and inconvenience there.

We are going to redo the Fondo EU due to the Server hiccup we have earlier.

Zwift Fondo EU is now rescheduled for Sunday, Feb 25.