Zwift Fondo first time bad experience 10 AM Europe TIme


I am since 2016 zwift member, and have done a lot of events.
Especially i like the Fondo Series, but today the Server are completly overloaded.

After 10km i stopped and logged out, because with 1 Frame/ sec it is no fun.

I am wondering if nobody else had this experience today ??


I did the same ride and my system dipped to 23fps at the very start then recovered to 35fps for about seven minutes. After that the field thinned and I averaged 72fps across the whole ride. This was on 4K and Ultra detail, Windows PC. You’ve not said what system you were on, but it wasn’t the server that was overloaded. Well, beyond the usual effects of a group event anyway.

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I had a similar problem, it took me 30 minutes to cycle 1 mile so I gave up. My screen kept freezing but my cadence and watts were all showing correctly

Have used the same PC as every time, in Ulta resolution. Have done in the past a lot of events (including Fondos), never had this issue.
Hope in Dezember it works better,

I had the same. On my android tablet the screen froze completely and I simply stopped and started another route after 10 minutes. Hopefully on Sunday things will go better with El Giro de Rigo.


update: issue still there and El Giro de Rigo failed in the same way. Customer support even told me my device was not supported and pointed me to the list of recommended hardware that explicitly lists my device.

El Giro de Rigo , same issue, what for me the race safed.
Before start, i set the resolution from ultra one leve down.
At start i had the same experience as last time, so i stopped for 2 min and wait till the growd was away, immitendly performence was popped, so i was able to finished the race with good performence.
For me the issue will be find at zwift.