Zwift courses Lead out

Hi all,
I’m organizing trainings (meetups) for my team and use the maps of Zwift insider to build a training by making use of Zwift’s environment (climbs, sprint sections, finish for the final race etc).

I however realized yesterday that the lead-in is not always correct: The High-Line has a 10km lead-in per zwift insider/zwift hacks but during my last meetup, I already arrived at the start of the course at less than 5km (basically a 5km lead out iso of 10km).

Does anyone know if how the length of the lead out is determined? My workout blocks make use of the km ridden (I have an excel sheet to calculate this) and these are no longer accurate of the actual lead in is much shorter than anticipated.
I understand Zwift insider is not an official Zwift website, but zwift itself unfortunately lacks route route details…

You raise a good point. That lead-in data is correct for regular rides. But there are a few routes that truncate a long lead-in if you do it as a Meetup… I know that in some instances this is mentioned in the description on Zwift Insider, but I’m not aware of an easily accessible list of data for this.


Lutscher is one example that I’m aware of. In a Meetup you start just before the KOM banner, cutting out the long lead-in.

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Very interesting idea.

How about you make a long warmup that covers the lead-in and some, once the rider cross the Start line he/she skip the warmup block, then all other blocks will be correct.